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Sochi has long been the domestic resort destination of choice for Russians. Though very popular within Russia, Sochi is little known to the outside world. But that is about to change. With the Sochi hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics, the city is beginning to draw world attention, and many are trying to learn more about the city, and the surrounding region.

Sochi Insider, created by Americans who have been living in Sochi and the region for over 10 years, is intended to expose Sochi to the world.

This site will not only have information about the city, and its hotels, cafes, restaurants and night clubs, but also provide details about its parks, museums and historical sites in the region. In the meantime, you can visit the site Planet Sochi.

For those who will be coming to Sochi to work on the Olympic Games, this site will also provide information on vital services, such as renting apartments or office space, translation and interpreter services, and transportation and logistic services. While we are in the process of developing this site, you may visit the site Destination Sochi.

As we develop this site, we’ll be adding up-to-date photos of Sochi as it prepares for the Olympics. We’re chronicle the construction of the Olympic complex and athlete village, the construction of new hotels, and the renovation of some of the older hotels and health resorts that are prevalent in Sochi.

We are trying to make this web site helpful and appealing to the future visitors of this city. If you have any questions, or suggestions as to how we can improve this site, please write us at:

We would love to hear your feedback about our web site!

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